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 Financial Aid for 
 Cosmetologists, Barbers, Manicurists, Master Instructors, and Estheticians

Financial Aid Information

There are several sources of financial aid for students. Applicants may be eligible for Title IV Federal Financial aid. The Federal Pell Grant Program makes funds available to eligible students. A grant is a gift and does not have to be repaid.  Please note that our crossover programs are not financial aid eligible. 


The Federal Direct Loans are made for students through the Department of Education Loan Program. Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. Students eligible for receiving Title IV funds must be enrolled as regular students in an eligible program. They cannot also be enrolled in elementary or secondary school, must have a high school diploma or equivalent or have been homeschooled at the secondary level, must make satisfactory academic progress, must meet enrollment status requirements and must have resolved any drug conviction issue. 


The following agencies provide educational funds to qualifying students:

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • Oklahoma Vocational of Rehabilitation Services

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs

All students requesting financial aid must complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid'"(FAFSA)  online at  or with the Financial Aid Administrator. Complete the verification process, if required, within 45 days. Additionally, the institution may request verification for any other application items. Students are made aware of their estimated eligibility from an analysis performed through FA Solutions Systems if the application is submitted electronically. Students are advised of their eligibility and awards only from a processed record generated from the U.S. Department of Education. Their need is determined by an assessment of the student's, spouse and / or parent / legal guardian's income and assets. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is determined through the level 8 needs analysis. 


The school is eligible and participates in the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan Programs. Schools use the EFC to determine how much financial assistance the student qualifies for. For more information on financial aid or general information, email

It is our institution's policy to process loans only for the cost of enrollment. Any student wishing to receive additional funding must notify the Financial Aid Department within 14 days of their start date or the beginning of the second academic year (901 hours).

 Net Price Calculator 




Military Benefits- Veterans and Active Duty

 We offer a personalized approach in assisting our military students. Many of our faculty and staff have had family members and friends who have served in the armed forces and understand the challenges our military members and their families face each day. Our staff is here to help veterans through the admissions, registration, and eligibility processes.


The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs State Approving Agency has approved Formations Institute  to offer education and training to eligible veterans and other persons under the provisions of Section 3675, Title 38, United States.


Military Students – What I Need to Know

  • Tuition and fees may be found in the Schools Catalog book and on the student’s enrollment agreement.

  • How academic progress is measured can be found in the Formations Institute of Cosmetology & Barbering Catalog, and disclosure notices on our website.

  • Transfer Credit- is accepted on approval of the academic department. Information will be reported to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This means the cost of your tuition will be lesser and the length of your program will be shorter.

  • If a military student is called to duty, a copy of your / spouse and / or parent’s active duty notice is required. 

  • If a military student is completing reserves training and the training will be more than 14 consecutive school days, a copy of your / spouse and / or parent’s orders is required. You will need to apply for a leave of absence. The leave of absence can be no longer than 180 days. 

  • If a military student is transferred to another base , a copy of your / spouse and / or parent’s transfer orders is required.

  • Prior Credit - Student utilizing VA education benefits must provide all transcripts and records of previous education and training. School officials will evaluate these records and, when possible, grant credit appropriate credit, shorten the length of the training program, and notify the student regarding the amount of credit being granted for previous training.

The School is compliant with PL 115-470 Section 103

The law requires that for any student using Chapter 31 VocRehab benefits or Chapter 33 Post 9/11 no institution (public, private, for profit, or not for profit) may have a policy in effect that:
• prevents enrolling
• assesses a late penalty fee
• requires securing alternative or additional funding
• denies access to any school resources, classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities that are available to other students that have paid
However, an institution may require such student to
• produce the VA’s Certificate of Eligibility by the first day of class
• provide written request to be certified
• provide additional information needed to be properly certified


Resources for Veterans

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